The path to U.S. Citizenship is an emotionally-challenging experience. Let Slepian Law guide you. Slepian Law provides outstanding advice and expertise with respect to Citizenship laws and naturalization.

The traditional path to U.S. Citizenship generally requires the applicant to have been a Lawful Permanent Resident for a requisite number of years before they may apply for “naturalization.” In addition, an applicant for naturalization must generally be 18 years or older, must meet the continuous residence and physical presence requirements, must meet the “good moral character” requirements, and must demonstrate “knowledge of English language, U.S. history, and government” (unless the applicant qualifies for a waiver of said requirement(s)).

In addition to derivation of citizenship via naturalization or birth in the U.S. (or certain incorporated territories), in certain situations U.S. Citizenship can be derived at birth outside of the U.S. or by derivation through the naturalization or U.S. birth of one parent. In several well-documented cases, the Department of Homeland Security has tried to deport unknowing U.S. Citizens. Slepian Law has extensive experience in U.S. Citizenship laws and has successfully halted the deportation of potential U.S. Citizens!

There are many benefits and privileges to obtaining U.S. Citizenship, including the right to vote in U.S. elections and the ability to petition for permanent residence for a wider variety of family members. Slepian law is experienced in all aspects of citizenship and naturalization. Contact us today to determine your eligibility or for further information!